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Your business shouldn’t be harder on you than your job was.

But the endless grind of entrepreneurship is taking a toll on your mental health.

Flirting with burnout

When I started my business, I thought I was the smartest human alive. Work part time and make full-time income? Shut off whenever I want to spend time with my kids? Don’t tell anybody else, I figured out the secret of life!

Then reality sunk in: Urgent deadlines. Unreasonable expectations. Unreliable team members. 

Never taking a break — let alone a vacation — because the whole house of cards would crumble down without me showing up on Instagram. 

There’s so much I loved about entrepreneurship: make my own hours! choose all my clients! make money in my sleep!

BUT. My boss was a disorganized, demanding bitch. And her name was Burnout.

After my 4th year of business, when I still had trouble bringing in my corporate salary, I had two choices: (1) throw in the towel and get a “grown up job,” or (2) find a way to make my business work for me instead of being ruled by its whims. 

Turning it around

So what were my secrets for going from exhausted to excited? Three things:


I thought that when everything I made was custom, it meant that it was more valuable. Turns out, it was just more work.

By productizing my service menu, I’ve been able to sell more easily, and bring in team members to take over key elements of the process.


For years I was a design generalist. I took jobs designing non-profit event ads, course sales pages, pharmaceutical infographics, even a book called Boobin’ All Day, Boobin’ All Night. (For realsies.)

But then I decided to only do SEO services … and my inbox blew up with qualified leads.


My business has been 100% online since 2013, so choosing software that works for my brain and my budget is essential.

I run lean, and not just because I’m a cheapskate. (Though I am.)

I’ve found that investing the time to find the right tools has a huge impact on customer experience, daily interactions, and profit margins.

Non-traditional solutions that work for your life AND your wallet

This website will not be a place where I share “the marketing funnel that will save your marriage” or “set it and forget it” business solutions. If you’re looking for truly passive income, I’m not your girl.

(I’ve found that any time somebody is selling me a formula to success, it’s an expensive disappointment.)

But if you want a place where I share what I’m learning from running a successful digital marketing agency and online membership in 25 hours a week, while balancing family & figuring out my ADHD brain … pull your hammock next to mine, grab the rosé, and plan to talk until sunset. We’ve got lots to cover.